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Solar PV Solutions


Solar Krafte is a renewable energy developer and market leader whose business is to engineer, study, license, construct, interconnect, finance, own and operate utility-scale, ground-mount, distributed solar PV power systems. Grid-parity PPA pricing, exclusively in solar rich jurisdictions, has been our singular focus and field of expertise, from our inception in 2009.

We Build Solar Power Plants

Developing clean energy projects from greenfield concept through to commercial operation, with a portfolio approaching 2 gigawatts under development, Solar Krafte is a leading independent developer of ground-mount, distributed solar PV projects in North America.

President, Solar Krafte
We Buy Projects

Solar Krafte seeks out viable commercial solar projects with PPAs in place or nearing completion. As experienced developers, builders and solar PV technologists, we can evaluate your project quickly, and because we have our own capital, we can transact quickly.

We Buy Land

If you lease your land to a commercial solar project, monetize your real estate assets by selling your land to Solar Krafte. Additionally, if you think your land might be right for a commercial solar project, we are actively seeking land to develop utility-scale, solar PV projects.

We Sell Solar Power, RECs and Off-sets

Does your company want to use 100% solar electricity, at standard power prices, without hosting your own solar farm? Does your business want a long term fixed power price guarantee? Interest in WREGIS RECs, or Alberta Carbon Offset Credits, directly from our solar farms?

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