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Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)


Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are a non-tangible, tradable commodity that represent proof that one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from a renewable energy resource.

We sell Solar RECs, and Offsets


If your company needs WREGIS RECs, or Alberta Carbon Offset Credits, directly from our solar farms, contact us.

Power your Business with 100% Solar Electricity, while locking in Long-term, Non-escalating, grid-parity Prices


Every time you switch on your lights, or use any electrical device, natural resources are consumed to generate the electricity that you use. The majority of electricity in the North America comes from non-renewable resources, such as the burning of coal and natural gas.


Using non-renewable resources to create electricity produces more harmful emissions linked to global warming than any other human activity. Electricity generated from the sun at our solar farms, produces no air pollution and results in drastically smaller environmental impacts.


Telegraph environmental stewardship and contribute to your company's sustainability goals. Power your business with "green" electricity and promote the ethical integrity of your business. Contact us to purchase renewable, sustainable, clean solar electricity directly from our solar farms.

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