Do you have a solar PV project on your property?


If you already have a renewable energy project on your property, you can benefit by selling your land to Solar Krafte. We actively seek out and purchase land that is leased to solar PV projects.

Monetize your asset


Whether you are a landlord or a renewable energy project developer, and you have a solar PV project on your property, Solar Krafte will buy your land.



Do you think your land might be right for a solar PV project?


Solar Krafte is actively seeking landowner partners to develop utility-scale, solar PV projects. The amount of property that is needed depends on the size of the solar PV facility. In flat open areas, about 7 acres is needed for a 1-megawatt facility, which produces enough electricity to power an average of 250 homes per year.

Partner with Solar Krafte


If Solar Krafte selects your property for potential development, we would purchase your land or enter into a site lease agreement with you. Lease terms are typically 20 years and can provide you with a consistent and reliable source of income.