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Turnkey Solar PV Development and Construction


Solar Krafte develops clean energy projects from greenfield concept through to commercial operation. We combine the best development sites and solar PV technologies to produce the lowest cost clean power where and when markets need it.

Commercial and institutional clients


Telegraph environmental stewardship and contribute to your firm's sustainability goals. Power your business with "green" electricity and promote the ethical integrity of your enterprise.


Solar Krafte constructs behind-the-meter, non-export, solar PV power plants, where we sell the clean, renewable power we generate directly to the client, at a savings. Additionally, we cover 100% of the cost to own, design, permit, insure, install, test, warranty, monitor, repair and operate the solar power plant. You simply pay a monthly solar energy bill, and save money.

Investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities and electric cooperatives


We have successfully developed projects in the largest electricity markets in North America, where we sell, under long-term power purchase agreements, the power we generate directly to the utility that serves that market. We focus on distributed generation in solar rich jurisdictions, where the price for power is not subsidized.


We have deep expertise in all facets of solar PV power project development and realize value from our projects through the sale of constructed projects or long-term equity ownership and asset management.

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